Egmont Honey is from the Taranaki region in North Island, New Zealand
Egmont Logo depicts the mountain called Taranaki in the Māori language. The Māori word tara means "mountain peak", and naki is thought to come from ngaki, meaning "shining", a reference to the snow-clad winter nature of the upper slopes. It was also named Pukehaupapa and Pukeonaki by iwi who lived in the region in ancient times. The Indigenous Māori people of New Zealand have huge respect for this beautiful mountain.
Direct From Beekeeper
Father and son duo, James & Toby Annabel
Honey you can Trust
Egmont Manuka Honey is independently UMF Certified by the UMF Association and New Zealand Fernmark Licenced by the New Zealand Government

Egmont Beech Forest HoneyDew

Egmont Beech Forest Honeydew is a unique honey for the discerning honey consumer. It is produced by aphids feeding on the South Island Beech Forests, the bees then harvest the Honeydew from the aphids. It has a sharp toffee aroma with rich flavour that has notable undertones of vanilla. Beech Forest Honeydew has some great health benefits, it is a rich source of antioxidants and minerals and contains significant levels of pre-biotic oligosaccharides

Beech Forest Honeydew makes an excellent sweetener to natural yogurt to give you a double hit of pre & pro-biotics with your daily breakfast!

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